THE MUSIC BOX for The New York Times / New Orleans Airlift

The Music Box, a 'shantytown sound laboratory', was a musical house built from found materials that served as a prelude to the building of 'Dithyrambalina', an interactive sculpture in the form of a three-story house. Co-curated by the Brooklyn-based street artist Swoon, The Music Box was a platform for collaborating artists to develop the instrumentation that will eventually be built into the Dithyrambalina's walls, ceilings, and floorboards. 

I photographed the first performance at The Music Box for the Arts section of The New York Times — Campbell Robertson wrote a great piece describing the performance we attended called A Symphony of Floorboards, Pipes, and Stairs, and some of the following pictures accompanied his story in a slideshow titled House Music in New Orleans

Since the initial newspaper assignment in 2011, I’ve become friends with many of the artists, architects, and designers who continue to collaborate on these one of a kind installation projects. New Orleans Airlift, the organization that makes these crazy projects possible, has commissioned me to photograph several other Music Box events around the city. Each one is uniquely awesome. This collection of pictures is from several different performances, 2011-2015.