Every year The Original Big Seven Social Aid & Pleasure Club hosts its annual Mother’s Day second line parade. And each year is bigger and badder than the ones it follows. Except for 2013. That year, a young man stepped around the corner as the parade passed him by and fired a gun with seeming indifference into the crowd, leaving 19 people on the ground with gunshot wounds, 3 of them in critical condition. It’s unbelievable that no one was killed. 

After the shooting, the inimitable Campbell Robertson wrote a piece for the New York Times that was illustrated with new pictures and ones I'd made at previous Big Seven second lines. 

NYT: Celebrating in Spite of the Risk.

Two years later, I photographed preparations for the Mother’s Day second line — the planning, sewing, tailoring, and toiling that goes into the suits, flags, and streamers each year — for MSNBC.

MSNBC: New Orleans Celebrates Mother’s Day