August 29, 2015 marked the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall in Louisiana. The entire summer was busy with media coverage of how far New Orleans has come since then, how things have changed, and how far the city has to go. 

I worked on projects for ABCAl Jazeera AmericaMSNBCNational Geographic, The New York Times, Stern, and others, but I think I’m proudest of the amazing coverage that ESPN The Magazine produced. Staff writer Wright Thompson wrote an epic story that took the entire feature well of the September issue, and I was commissioned as the primary photographer to illustrate all the characters, neighborhoods, struggles, and triumphs he encountered over two straight months of reporting. My work was combined with awesome feature contributions from other local photographers to provide a unique and intimate look at the state of our city, 10 years after the storm.

A summer in search of saints, sinners and lost souls in the New Orleans that Katrina left behind. 

ESPN: Beyond the Breach